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midiplus X6 - Sinamex Recording Store

midiplus X6

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The X6 by midiplus boasts 61 piano-style controller sensitive keys, all in a very compact design. The solid aluminum cabinet promises sturdy durability and there's no need for external power supplies as the X6 is powered via USB. No drivers required upon first-time-connecting, just plug and play. Easy-to-use joystick controller controls pitch and modulation alongside 4 assignable variable knobs.


- 4 editable variable knobs to assign to pitch, volume, pan etc
- A joystick controller that manipulates pitch and modulation
- A MIDI select option that lets you control multiple MIDI channels
- A MIDI OUT port
- USB port that sends MIDI out signals to a computer to interact with your VST, VSTHost or DAW.
- A sustain pedal jack that can accommodate the MIDIPLUS SP-2 Sustain Pedal or another sustain pedal of your choosing
midiplus X6 - Sinamex Recording Store