Originally founded by Lino Ragni, Studiologic is synonymous with high quality MIDI controllers and ground breaking digital piano and organ instruments. The traditional craftsmanship, together with a deep knowledge of building materials and practices, fundamentally important for an instrument based on folklore such as the accordion, determined the business growth in the following years.

The relationship between technology and handicraft culture has strengthened within a framework of modernisation, determined by the use of new polymers and mass production fixtures.

Studiologic has been progressively winning a position of prestige, by putting great care and specific expertise into designing, engineering and construction of MIDI Controllers and digital keyboards with high technological and quality standards.

Passion and commitment to keyboard manufacturing combined with research and implementation of new techniques allow Studiologic to create instruments that refine the interaction between the performer and the keyboard.

Going beyond traditional building techniques in order to innovate the models of production, has always been at the very basis of the Studiologic's strategy.